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Advantages of carpet tiles
Find out here why carpet tiles are a very good choice in the contract sector.
High flexibility with carpet tiles
If necessary, individual tiles can be easily replaced.
The dream combination - carpet tiles made of Solution-Dyed yarn
When colour fastness, recyclability and flexibility meet.
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Our carpet tiles ...

… offer maximum design flexibility for your interior project. Different surface structures, colours and shapes can be individually
combined with one another. A creative and functional room design is created easily. In addition, carpet tiles can easily be replaced individually if they are damaged or a change is required.

Colourfast and recyclable

Our MOOREA carpet tiles are made of polyamide-6-yarn, PA 6 for short, in a Solution-Dyed colour. Solution-Dyed yarn is particularly UV-resistant, because even intense sunlight cannot influence the colour intensity. Due to the colour fastness, batchindependent laying is not a problem, especially on large areas.
The PA 6 yarn in solution-dyed is not only characterised by its colour advantages,

In offices ...

… it is often hectic: high traffic areas, a wide variety of shoes and chair castors can hit the floor hard. With the durability rating of 33 our MOOREA carpet tiles are particularly suitable for high traffic areas.
The installation is very easy. Since these carpet tiles have a very heavy back, they are considered self-laying. However, we still recommend fixation. If the sub-floor is prepared accordingly, our carpet tiles can be easily installed with the fix4tiles fixing system.
Sustainable and suitable for allergy sufferers. The innovative [M]BACK backing is of course free of bitumen, latex or PVC. Allergy sufferers and the environment can breathe easy.


What is Solution-Dyed Yarn?

The yarn is already dyed during the manufacturing process, so the dye penetrates deep into the yarn and is not, as usual, deposited on the outside.

The advantages at a glance

Installation system fix4tiles – the smart solution